Thursday, October 11, 2007

Zell is taking a long, hard look at LAT, Newsday and Chicago Tribune

Before Zell made his Deal he had never seen a copy of Newsday. Donald Trunp sent him a copy the day after the Zell Deal was announced. From Daniel Wagner's weblog at

Speaking after a no-press-allowed speech before the Argyle Executive Forum’s 2007 CEO Leadership Forum on Manhattan’s Upper East Side Thursday, Zell said he has been giving Tribune’s papers — including Newsday, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune — a long, hard look.
Zell said he already has in mind some of the changes he hopes to bring to the papers, though several people who attended his speech said he had described himself as a businessman who does not know anything about newspapers.
Given voice, he'll have thousands of experienced employee-owners who could advise and help him make positive changes to the papers. (end of post)

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