Saturday, October 20, 2007

Risk master

Zell told The Wall Street Journal's Collin Levy that he's a professional risk taker, "but I'm a professional risk taker who understands all the risks he takes. A lot of people don't." ("Sam Zell: Professor Risk". Registration required.)

Zell gave Levy the interview on the condition that Levy agreed not to ask about the high-profile Tribune buyout, but writes "Mr. Zell isn't completely without exposure. Many now think that the deal will be junked or rebuilt."

Zell showed Levy his Christmas decorative music boxes and explained why he sends friends and business associates the boxes with songs "on themes ranging from politics to the world economy"— they're his "economic forecasting machines". Zell on YouTube. No kidding.

The commentary offers a bit more insight into the MO of your new boss/co-owner when (if?) the Deal is completed.

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