Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New blogger at LAT: the publisher!

"A number" of staffers have suggested David Hiller do "a blog about things going on at The Times and in our industry." A two-way blog. Folks can post comments, but not anonymously.

No one outside The Times will be privy to the blog contents or comments. (Of course not.) "This is internal, just for us, so please don’t share the blog content outside the company." LAObserved

Well, if nothing else, Mr. Hiller will soon discover that blogging can be very time-consuming if one is to stay up on it along with the other very important duties needing attention as well.

'Course, the blog just may offer the workers the perfect opportunity to have on-going, 24/7 communication with the guy in charge! Great!

If the content stays inside, of course. (Riiiiiight.) (end of post)

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