Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tribune deal a 'huge catastophe'

Jim Cramer at thinks we should feel terrible about "what's about to happen to Tribune employees". LAObserved quotes Cramer here. (We'd have a direct link, but Cramer's column requires registration.)

If the deal goes through, the debt burden is almost unimaginable. And if the deal doesn't go through, well, what then?

Workers want to know what comes next if the deal falls apart. We're asking around because we know it matters to a whole lot of Tribune employees who care about the company to which they've devoted their loyalty, talent and time.

Stay tuned.

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Joe Sixpack said...

It's sad the Guild just sits on their hands while every classifieds job at Tribune is going Classifieds Plus in Buffalo (scabs) and then to India!

Wake up girls; negotiating doesn't work!