Monday, July 2, 2007

Quality people = quality paper

I sell classified advertising for The Wall Street Journal. I’ve been with the Journal for almost 22 years and have sold almost every category. I've been involved in the union from the very beginning of my career. I have served several years as a steward, held a term as delegate to the CWA and TNG conferences, and am now serving as Location Director for the Dallas/Houston area. I've become more involved recently to help individuals in our facility with various issues that demand attention. Our Union gives us the ability to collectively share our concerns and needs and relates this information to our management. We have lots of obstacles to overcome and the Union is there to help with these situations on a daily basis. The Union supports each and every member and is very instrumental in negotiating our wages and commissions, saving our health benefits, improving our work environment, and resolving management issues. It is an invaluable asset to have as it keeps an open line of communication to our company. Quality people = Quality paper!!!"
Rita Graves
Ad sales

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