Monday, July 9, 2007

Guild hopeful layoffs can still be averted at SF Chronicle

The company didn't get enough takers for the buyout offered early last month. It's goal is to reduce the staff by 100: 80 union and 20 management types. Only 50 Guild members have accepted the buyout offer.

The Guild has suggested the company extend the buyout package offer to additional staff which the company has agreed to do, but if not enough are taken, layoffs are indeed possible.

Michael Cabanatuan, president of the Northern California Media Guild that represents Chronicle staff, comments on The East Bay Blog: "... the Guild is hopeful that layoffs can be averted and will work hard toward that end. Job reductions of the magnitude being carried out in the Chronicle newsroom are incredibly disspiriting not only for many of those who leave but for those who stay. The buyout process has been traumatic for many people but layoffs would devastate morale as well as the careers and lives of many fine journalists.

It's good that the unionized staff has negotiating power, especially at this difficult time.

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