Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Press freedom advocate applauds filters removal

Once-jailed freelance journalist and videoblogger Josh Wolf doesn't often applaud "the actions of the beancounters in the mainstream media", but he gives Zell' props for his announcement that all content filters will be removed from Tribune computers.

... it's encouraging to know that reporters at the LA Times and other Tribune publications will no longer have to leave the office to research a story deemed off-limits by the content filters implemented by their IT department. Well done Zell ...
Last year Josh received the Guild's Freedom Award, an award underwritten by a bequest from long-time Guild member Herbert Block and presented to the person or organization who best exemplifies the late Washington Post political cartoonist’s devotion to free speech and assembly and to his passionate belief in the importance of a vigorous free press.


Anonymous said...

The Times' internet filter did not block out many sites. Employees could access, espn, laobserved, or whatever else they wanted to see. I hear some of the other Tribune properties had far stronger filters

Anonymous said...

I hear that no property except the LA Times had any sort of filter, and many employees had been terminated for browwsing hardcore porn from their desk.

Anybody here from a paper or station other than the Times who will confirm that until this year, their internet access was censored?