Wednesday, January 16, 2008

From Allentown to Hartford ...

Zell hit Hartford and the headline gurus there topped Kenneth Gosselin's report on his visit with two words: "Salty Sam"

Zell, wearing his trademark cowboy boots, jeans and shirt wide-open at the neck, and exulting in his salty language, declared that the challenge is to build revenue, not cut more jobs — as The Courant and other Tribune businesses have done in recent years.
Zell said he's taken "some pointed questions" from employee-owners. During his visit to the Los Angeles Times Tuesday he was hit with one from a reporter who said employees were taking all the risk.
"I responded to her by telling her she was full of shit," Zell said. "And that's a quote."
That's it? No explanation of just how it is that they are not taking all the risk?

Or, was the fact that he thinks she's full of shit his final answer? Nice.

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