Thursday, January 17, 2008

#1 rule: Use your best judgement

The new employee handbook is short – well, at least it's a third the length of the big old one — loaded with straight-talk and light on long-winded legalese that tends to make one's eyes glaze over.

The handbook's policies appear to reflect the New Tribune philosophy and guidelines (rules) for future success: for example employees are told to collaborate, compete, play fair, take intelligent risk, question authority. All good.

However, the Handbook doesn't apply to unionized employees, even though they received copies: "This handbook applies to all non-union Tribune employees ... "

So does that mean they can't collaborate, compete, play fair, take intelligent risk or question authority? Of course not, but the policies don't supersede their collective bargaining agreements.

Good thing. Under Part 3:

1.1. Employment with Tribune is at ­will unless this relationship has been modified by the specific terms of a contract that’s been signed by you and by an authorized representative of the company, or by a collective bargaining agreement.
1.2. At ­will employment means that either Tribune and/or you can terminate employment at any time for any legal reason, with or without cause.
One of the many benefits described in a union contract is in a section titled "Job Security", which is where you'd find the provisions prohibiting discipline or termination without just cause.

Good thing, because the term "best judgement" is really subjective.

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Anonymous said...

Turns out, this "new" handbook is secondhand goods:

Wasn't there something in the old handbook about attribution when you lift paragraphs wholesale from another source?