Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tribune to outsource jobs at the Sun

Plans are in the works to outsource some finance dept. work to Costa Rica, India and Chicago. The Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild (WBNG) says 11 folks in the advertising credit and collection sections of the department could be impacted. Details of the plan aren't clear because the union hasn't yet met with the company to discuss alternative options for the effected employees.

“Under our contract, people can’t be laid off because of outsourcing,” [WBNG president Bill] Salganik said. “So they might be offered buyouts, might be retrained or moved elsewhere.”

Salganik said employees were informed of the move in a Wednesday letter, which did not give a specific reason for the decision. Thomas called the move “an effort to improve service to advertisers and reduce costs.” The Tribune Co. is in the midst of a private buyout, and Salganik said he was not aware of any further impending job cuts. Examiner.com
We find that most employees would rather have an opportunity to remain with the company even when buyout or severance packages are offered. It isn't surprising that people would rather be offered opportunities and training in other departments of the organization these days.

These are stressful times for Tribune workers, but challenging and exciting ones too! Sure, there's quite a number we've talked to that just want to get the hell out of the business entirely, but others want to be a part of the team that is creating the vision for the Tribune's new future.

And as members of the Guild, they are in a good position to do so. (end of post)

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