Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Employees are assets, not liabilities

Marketwatch Media Report analysis by David B. Wilkerson said "Away from the steady and unforgiving gaze of Wall Street, Tribune can emphasize the ability newspapers have, both online and off, to provide detailed information that bloggers may not have access to, and that radio and television stations don't have time to offer. That means adding to their newspapers' most valuable resource -- journalists." Wilkerson goes on to suggest that Tribune hire a minimum of 30 reporters in LA, Chicago and NY "who could be assigned to the newspaper's metro desk. These reporters could be assigned to the online edition, but would also contribute to the print newspaper."

The reality right now is that Tribune intends to reduce – not increase – it's staff, the result of which will be that you will continue to be required to produce a lot more with a lot less in the way of resources and potentially, for a lot less in benefits.At Tribune properties that are union-representated, workers have the right to engage the company in discussion about the likely effect layoffs have on the remaining staff and to negotiate terms that can reduce the negative impact of the impending staff cuts. In addition, a collectively bargained contract provides the terms and conditions under which the laid off employee exits the company, including notice and severance pay. In some cases, Guild representatives can negotiate enhanced severance packages for Guild-covered employees choosing to leave the company and may offer alternative strategies that could help the company achieve the staff savings it needs.

The Guild believes you are the company's best asset and most valuable resource and an investment in you is an investment in journalism.

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