Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baltimore Sun to cut 50

The same package offered in LA and Chicago was laid out today in Baltimore, except that the program is subject to discussion with Guild leaders on behalf of those covered by the contract.

Take-it-or-leave-it packages don't automatically apply where workers are represented by a union. The Sun's 600+ Guild-represented employees have a voice through their elected leadership and if involuntary layoffs are needed, they will be subject to the terms and conditions of their collective bargaining agreement.

Update: 15 in the newsroom

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Ed Padgett said...

Many of us at the Los Angeles Times would be interested in what type of buyouts union workers at Tribune properties end up with, compared to the poorly funded buyout Tribune is offering non-union employees.

I have almost thirty-five years with the newspaper, so why place a limit of fifty-two weeks salary on a long-term employee?

The Tribune has deep pockets, take a look at the thousands of shares of stock given to the executives in February, 2007, the $269,000,000 golden parachute the top ten executives will be given, and the bonuses thirty-eight Tribune executives receive when the sale is completed. (Dennis FitzSimons has opted out of the sale bonus)

I can not speak for others at Tribune properties, but the Times employees are outraged.

Administrators said...

We think the question that should be asked is "Why are there buyouts being offered while the Tribune Co. remains very profitable?"

But, that aside, the buyouts for union members is not better than the ones being offered to non-union members. Why are buyouts being offered to Baltimore Sun members? Because the seniority provisions in the contract prevent Tribune Co. from just selecting higher paid workers and replacing them with lower paid workers.

If there were no severance pay or seniority provisions in union contracts, why would the Tribune or any company offer severance pay to leave?

At least you have a union, Ed. Eventually, the Times will have to honor the vote results and negotiate with the workers. Then, no manager can tell you to accept the severance package or else.