Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big boss is watching you

Bad enough that times have gotten tougher at The Times with the seemingly endless rounds of staff cuts, senior management exits and a pending lawsuit, but today LA's media watchdog, LAObserved felt compelled to issue a warning to Times staffers: according to sources, their not-so-new publisher is calling it "treason" for employees to share information about stuff going on inside the paper.

LAO's Roderick writes that "current Times leadership is unhappy enough (or paranoid enough) about stuff getting out to consider action against staffers" and advises staffers to "take precautions — use your personal email, our PO box, or pick up the phone — and don't presume they aren't watching."

For sure. As employees-at-will without benefit of just cause protection, use your best judgement.


Anonymous said...

If you're dumb enough to forward internal company memos from your work email address, you're probably too dumb to help save the newspaper business. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Over 100 layoffs yesterday at the Times and not a peep? Oh yes, I remember, only Editorial cuts are real news.

Anonymous said...

It all ties in with keeping the readers uninformed as well as the LA Observer.