Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two FCC commissioners ready to give Tribune waivers

From E&P:

In a joint statement, Commissioners Michael J. Copps and Jonathon S. Adelstein say FCC Kevin Martin is using the Tribune deal to rush passage of the changes to the newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rules he proposed on Tuesday. Copps and Adelstein have been outspoken opponents of easing or eliminating regulations prohibiting common ownership of a newspaper and broadcast property in the same market.

"We realize there is some urgency with respect to the Tribune transaction," Copps and Adelstein said. "The chairman, however, has refused to act on Tribune's waiver requests that would permit the transaction to close. Let us be clear: it is improper to hold the Tribune hostage in order to force a vote on media ownership before the end of the year. We are prepared to vote on the Tribune waiver requests within three working days after the Chairman circulates a draft decision. There is simply no excuse for using Tribune as a human shield."
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