Friday, June 1, 2007

Making our way in the changing media landscape

The Newspaper Guild/CWA is a sponsor of an upcoming seminar to be held in NYC on corporate ownership, new media, increasing freelance and contract work and the affect they will all have on the career of young journalists. Strategies for success and adapting to change will be offered up by:

Harold Meyerson – Executive Editor for the American Prospect and Washington Post op-ed columnist
Kara Jesella – Editor, New York Times Styles section, and author, How Sassy Changed My Life
Sara Horowitz – Founder, Freelancers Union (not yet confirmed)
Anya Kamenetz– freelance journalist and author, Generation Debt

The Guild (and it's parent union CWA) regularly sponsors educational opportunities that help prepare members for career advancement. (end of post)

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Interesting. Thanks for the article.

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