Monday, June 4, 2007

Dow Jones writer isn't an employee-at-will

In most employment situations, the power differential is vastly in management's favor regardless of one's skill and expertise. Working in a Union setting helps tip the "playing" field with genuine standards of just cause and due process. For example, at Dow Jones, you are not an "employee at-will." You cannot be fired tomorrow, for no reason, or for any reason other than just and sufficient cause, incompetence or a company decision to cut staff or eliminate a job position. You cannot be terminated for wearing a political (or Union) button or for asking for Union representative when your boss calls you into a meeting and you think it may involve discipline. With IAPE, you have a tangible voice in the workplace, dedicated to improving the terms and conditions of all Dow Jones employees in the publishing industry. Your Union dues support just cause by helping (the Local) in contract negotiations, fees for legal services and arbitrators (sometimes needed to enforce Bargaining Contracts), and other issues that may affect employees.

Leilani Fallon,
Technical Writer,
Dow Jones

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