Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Guild at the front of the line to support quality journalism

I'm a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, based in the Boston bureau, where I've worked for five years. I became more active in the union during our last round of contract negotiations, when it became clear that in addition to aggressively standing up for the wages and benefits of employees, the union was at front of the line when it came to supporting quality journalism. In the years since, in the face of the industry's troubles and the short-term thinking that has swept in alongside, the union's voice has become even more critical. We have a simple message: Our business and company will succeed over the long term if we put out the best products packed with the best reporting. That requires investing in our people. It's a strategy that's good for the company, good for the employees and good for the profession. I've found that the union is that strategy's clearest and most forceful advocate.

Charles Forelle
Reporter and 2007 Pulitzer Prize Winner
Wall Street Journal

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