Friday, March 16, 2007

Multimedia multi-tasking

Ambitious plans are underway to integrate newspaper and Web at Tribune's Newsday and Los Angeles Times. Wonder if those big (albeit worthy) plans had input from the people who will actually do the work? Is someone going to arbitrarily make decisions as to who is and who isn't going to get the training to perform the multimedia tasks? How is that going to work?

Our members ask the questions, because that's what we do so we can be involved in how the latest techniques in news gathering and production processes impact Guild members. Most often, Guild folks are excited and eager to embrace new ways of doing things and want to play an active, vital role in the new workplace environment. The Guild negotiates over job protections that will benefit folks tapped to provide content for print and web, and still give the company the flexibility it needs.

In the face of company decisions that will dramatically change the way we work, we think it is important to have a voice in the process.

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