Thursday, May 8, 2008

‘Zell owns a valuable thing’

So writes a “loyal Los Angeles Times peon” who launched a new LA blog, Tell Zell What You Really Think, to “explain what he has — from someone who desperately, urgently believes in journalism, nut grafs and all sorts of other good stuff.” On Randy Michael's promotion:

All signs point to Randy taking over. Whatever thin hopes there were for Bill Pate, Zell's BFF from an Oklahoma newspaper family, are vanishing. The radio guys are in charge.

What's that mean? Even less of a voice for the LA Times and other individual newspapers. This whole "petri dish" idea where individual papers seek their own solutions seems less likely with the publishers weakened. The Clear Channel Crew chip away.

Sam thinks Brazil is the new China. Lee thinks newspapers are the new Tears. And Randy? ...
The public (and maybe some frustrated LAT staffers?) are invited to chime in.

(via LAObserved)

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Tom said...

I agree gentlemen. However, as my father would say "go down swinging" bullies don't like to get hurt. Having said that he would also say "there are no such things as problems, just situations that need attention. Now then is the time to put collective minds together in order to survive.