Friday, December 28, 2007

In Hartford, banner announcements

"You own this place" say banners hanging around the Hartford Courant. Columnist Jim Shea writes:

Some employees are taking this ownership thing more seriously than others. I'm taking it seriously.
He's taking notes, looking for a private office and taking note of the dead wood with nice offices. Pretty funny column offers opportunity to comment on likely upcoming change...
One change that would be welcome is if people stopped saying we are going to do more with less. The only thing you can do with less is less. It's a math thing. You could run the numbers.
But he's optimistic, he says. So are others we've talked with in recent days. But like Jim, they don't have "stupid stamped on [their] forehead[s]", either.

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Anonymous said...

I suggest when taking note of dead wood take quick action to eliminate the Thick wood also!Starting with Mr Al S. in the Middletown Ct office.