Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Read the Merger Agreement yet?

Edited— The special shareholder's meeting to consider and vote on a proposal to adopt the Merger Agreement and approve the merger is next Tuesday in Chicago. There's 127,330,754* shares of common stock outstanding and if you are still holding some ...

Can't find your copy of Schedule 14A – 200+ pages of info on the shareholder meeting, Board recommendation and Merger Agreement? Jump on the Tribune's website here and click on the second form, DEFM14A (July 13).

Scroll down the left rail and you'll find the Table of Contents (page 5) where you can then locate your topic of interest. For example: Q&A about the Special Meeting and the Merger is on page 14. How to vote your shares held in the Tribune Employee Benefit Plans: page 18. What happens if the merger isn't completed: page 63. The effect on the overall vote an abstention, a broker non-vote or just plain failure to vote? page 85

You won't find lender financing guarantees there. But the Credit Agreements must be secure because Zell says its a go.

* Number of shares outstanding at close of business July 12, excluding shares held by subsidiaries.

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